How It Works?

Speak immediately to a doctor

1 - Doctor Choice

I search a doctor and make an immediate or planned appointment with him 7j/7 24h/24

2 - Consultation chanel choice

By Chat
By question/answer
By audio/video

3 - Consultation

At the appointment time, my doctor contacts me on the chosen channel

4 - Prescription

After the consultation, my doctor can prescribe me a prescription if necessary. I am reimbursed by my insurance if necessary

Make a physical appointment at doctor office or at my home

1 - Practitioner choice

I search a health professional (doctor, hospital, laboratory, pharmacy ...)

2 - Choose Date and place

I choose a date and place that suits me for the appointment (office or home)

3 - Confirmation

It's simple, my appointment is confirmed!

Healthcare wallet, Health insurance & Security

My healthcare wallet

To directly pay for the health care of your loved ones without traveling

Health Insurance In Addition

Our health insurance offer allows you to treat your family for free

Security And Confidentiality

Guaranteed medical secrecy, secure data, qualified doctors in France and in the best African universities